Mistress Summer

Hello, My pet

I'm so happy you've decided to experience your domination fantasies with Me! I'm Mistress Summer, an erotic Hypnodomme based in the Pacific Northwest. My mission is simple: to dominate you and train you to be My housebroken pet. I provide places beneath My beautiful feet for little boys who prove their worth to Me. I take great pride in molding your fragile little mind, and to pour My thoughts into your head. My online store is designed to provide you with the tools it takes to earn your place at My feet.

As My male submissive, you will have the privilege of collecting many of My personal items. You shall use these items in your daily routine to remind you of your devotion to Me. It pleases Me very much to know My personal items are being worshiped by you! This is not a game for Me. If it is for you, kindly move on to another Mistress.

If you wish to become My pet, you will quickly learn, I am a Mistress who truly believes in being worshiped. As My submissive you will learn to appreciate and worship every inch of My beautiful body. you will crave to hear the sound of My voice. You will think of Me throughout your waking hours, you will dream of Me at night. In order for you to do this, it is necessary for you to become familiar with every aspect of My divine existence. It is your job to please, spoil and pamper me. I guarantee you will not find another Mistress anywhere who will give as much of herself to you as I will. Therefore, the tribute I expect in return for My company is set accordingly.


Mistress Summer